My Relationship with Winter

Winter is a comin folks!  My relationship with winter has not been a good one for a long time. During my grade school years it meant a possible snow day, which was always welcome.  Sledding with friends and neighbors and making awesome snow forts with my brother.

When I went to college “winter” took on a whole new meaning. Walking to campus in below freezing weather in one of the word’s windiest cities. Yeah, that’s right.  Chicago has nothing on Rexburg, Idaho. Along with subzero temperatures comes smooth and invisible ice for slipping on…in front of crowds of fellow students.  I didn’t want to leave my apartment unless absolutely necessary for nine months of the year.  Cabin fever, guys.  It’s real.

It is my hope this year to make the best of it…I made a pro/con list.

Things I don’t enjoy about winter:

  1. Being cold.
  2. Short days.
  3. Snow.
  4. Snow.
  5. Snow.
  6. Snow.
  7. Driving in the snow.
  8. Cleaning snow off of my car.
  9. And…snow.

Things I do enjoy about winter:

  1. Hot chocolate.
  2. Blankets.
  3. Cuddling.
  4. Hot Baths.
  5. Soup.
  6. Football.
  7. Boots.
  8. Bundling up.
  9. Snow shoeing.

If I just focus on the good list and ignore the bad list I might be able to repair my broken relationship with winter.  If I do THAT I might survive til spring.  There’s a Scandinavian saying that goes, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes.” That will be my mantra this year.

But I still think these people be CRAZY!

polar bear plunge, polar bear club


One thought on “My Relationship with Winter

  1. Alli says:

    I would say move to Mississippi to avoid the snow…but…it snowed here last night. I feel exactly the same, the only thing I don’t miss about Utah is the snow. 😉

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