Goodbye Wandie

Wandie was a dog that my mom and I raised as a guide dog puppy.  She was a handful!  She got into everything! She loved dumpster diving, socks, stealing potatoes out of the pantry and eating them raw,  picking off Christmas ornaments from the tree one by one and destroying them….just to name a few of the mischievous things she did.

She never really outgrew her puppy phase, but as she got older she became more loveable.  Her trademark move was resting her head on your lap and looking up at you with those big eyes.  She was a smart one too.  She could learn a new trick in a matter of minutes.  That’s probably why she did so well at guide dog school, but she flunked out because she LOVED to play with other dogs. I begged and begged my parents to keep her after she was dropped from the guide dog program.  She turned out to be a great family pet.  I think I loved her MORE because she was a pill and had lots of personality.  You had to laugh when we had guests visiting and she would come trotting in the family room with their shoes in her mouth. I always considered her my baby, but my parents DID do all the work.  We will miss you and your little white muzzle, stealing raspberries and strawberries from the garden!  You are the best, Wandie!