Chattanooga: Surf and Turf

We spent an entire day in Chattanooga at the aquarium and the BBQ festival.  I guess it isn’t surf and turf in the traditional sense because you don’t actually EAT the fish at the aquarium, but you get the idea…The aquarium has two sections, freshwater and saltwater.  We started out our day on the freshwater side.

Chattanooga Aquarium 1Chattanooga Aquarium 2Chattanooga Aquarium 3Chattanooga Aquarium 4

Couldn’t pass up this photo of Brandon reading up on the Volga River (he lived there!)

The aquarium is pretty large, so we decided to take a break and headed to the BBQ festival.  We hoofed it across town and noshed on some mighty fine foods.  It was awesome.  They sell sample tickets for a dollar each and you get to try EVERYTHING.  Allow me to repeat myself…It was awesome.

Beast Feast Beast Feast 2Beast Feast 3Beast Feast 4

This is my “I have a huge amount of pulled pork in my teeth” smile.

untitled-1926After eating enormous quantities of food we decided to take a taxi back to the Aquarium (rather than drag our full bellies over the sidewalk for a over a mile in the southern humidity).

Chattanooga Aquarium 5Chattanooga Aquarium 6

I love that Brandon and Eric are totally committed to their pose, while my father in law is like “Pssh, it takes a lot more than a shark to scare me”.

Chattanooga Aquarium 7

Chattanooga Aquarium 8

Chattanooga Aquarium 9