Huntsville, AL and Planting Tomatoes in the Dark

I am making the most of my time in the south.  That’s right.  I am living in Mississippi while my husband does one of his internships.  Where in Mississippi, you ask?  About an hour away from Tupelo (the birthplace of Elvis, people).  We are living with my husband’s wonderful parents, and let me tell you, it is great to be here.  We want to see as much as we can of the south before we leave (and eat as much southern cookin’ as we can possibly eat).  On her day off last week, my mother-in-law took me to Huntsville, Alabama and we walked around the botanical gardens.  The flowers were beautiful.  It was so nice to be outside. Everything was lovely.  We got some great gardening ideas (and by we, I mean my mother-in-law, because I do not have a green thumb). We also ate at the tea room at the gardens.  The desserts caught our eye so we decided to have lunch there.



Huntsville Alabama 3

And just to prove to you how absolutely beautiful the south is…

Alabama Horses

Alabama Horses 2

These images illustrate my family’s complete and total dedication to their garden.  Tomato planting in the dark.

Iuka Mississippi

Iuka Mississippi 2